Skincare Treatments

True beauty comes from within, but a facial can help!

We offer an extensive list of skincare facials and medical peels for all purposes. Take control of your blemishes or give your skin a youthful glow. The choice is yours…

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Youthful Skin

A range of facials and peels that work to give you younger looking and feeling skin. The procedure behind the treatments and products used target regeneration of healthy skin cells, detoxification of pores and stimulate natural collagen to give you firmer, smoother skin.

With age, skin cells and fibres reproduce more slowly. Get visibly younger skin by rejuvenating the cellular energy giving you a noticeably more youthful look.

In a modern world air pollution is all around us. This brand new treatment targets the removal of dead cells and toxins and deoxygenates the skin.

Eye logic targets the thin, fragile tissue around the eyes to reduce puffiness, dark circles and the look of fine lines and wrinkles. Restore hydration for a younger, plumper look.

Congested skin? Exfoliate the surface with one of our most popular treatments. It has the ability to improve appearance and texture of skin without irritation.

A deep cleansing pomegranate facial that extracts skin impurities and minimises the look of open pores. An anti-oxidant rich and fruity enzyme treatment.

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Lifting Treatments

Our lifting range actively revives elastin and stimulates muscles to strengthen facial contour. Recommended for clients who want that extra uplift for an exuberant appearance.

By stimulating the facial muscles and directly targeting the skin’s structure, redefine your facial contour with this favoured lifting treatment.

A specific lifting process aimed at reviving your skin’s elasticity. The active ingredients work to smooth and firm skin on the face and dècolleté.

A multi-benefit treatment that increases firmness, restores moisture and removes impurities. Revitalise and renew your skin and add give it a boost of radiance.

Tired eyes? Using precision muscle stimulation we can instantly rejuvenate and lift your eye features, reducing signs of fatigue and leaving you looking younger and energised.

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Acne/Scarring Concerns

Many people suffer from acne and scarring for long periods of time. We offer a medically developed range of peels which, vary in strength allowing us to tailor the treatment to your concerns and severity of skin condition. We use products that deeply infiltrate the skin to tackle where the problems start.

Uses natural extract enzymes to deeply exfoliate skin, minimise acne blemishes and soothe redness and inflammation. Relax your mind and body and give yourself a healthy, clean complexion.

Exfoliates the superficial layers of skin to break bonds that hold dead skin cells together allowing new cells to form. Effectively retexturises skin and clears congestion.

Deep penetration allows active ingredients to target skin cells responsible for acne, scarring and pigmentation. Improves texture, blemishes and firmness.

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Pigmentation Concerns

Pigmentation often occurs from environmental damage: exposure to strong sunlight and pollution, causing uneven skin tone or dark spots. These treatments vary in procedure and product and can be used in line with your concerns.

A multi-benefit treatment: repairing uneven skin tone and sun damage, hydration and stimulation of natural elastin and collagen production.

After exposure to strong light, pigmentation and marks may appear. Recover fair skin and a smooth complexion. with this brightening treatment, giving you a natural radiant glow.

Used to treat hyperpigmentation, age spots and uneven complexion. The lactic ingredients work to give you brighter, smoother skin.

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Anti-ageing Treatments

As we age, skin cells, muscles and other cells responsible for that young, plump look begin to tire and work less effectively. We use a range of methods to remove dead cells and skin and begin to regenerate new cell growth and stimulate the muscles, decreasing signs of ageing.

Make room for regenerated skin. Deeply exfoliate the surface layers of your skin by breaking the bonds that hold skin cells together softening fine lines and wrinkles.

Combining technology and exclusive movements, regenerate and restore skin cells to firm, tone and radiate skin, diminishing signs of ageing.

This newly introduced peel provides enhanced penetration, tackles blemishes and minimises signs of ageing. We know right…

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Rosacea/Sensitive Skin

Pigmentation often occurs from environmental damage: exposure to strong sunlight and pollution, causing uneven skin tone or dark spots. These treatments vary in procedure and product and can be used in line with your concerns.

Clinically developed products restore hydration preventing moisture loss for maximum relief, calm irritation and reduce redness giving you soft looking and feeling skin.

Tailored for sensitive skin, Hydrabrasion peeling relieves the skin of dead cells and restores radiance with no irritation, just relaxation. Finish with a refreshing mask that replenishes and soothe skin.

Seaweed contains antioxidants, vitamins and minerals that hydrate the skin. The active ingredients promote detoxification and combat redness and soreness to give an invigorated, refreshed look.

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Upgrade Your Treatment

For most treatments you can add on either LED light therapy or Microdermabrasion. Both enhance the results of your facial or peel for an additional glow. Give us a call to find out more and discuss with a skin specialist which treatments would work wonders for your skin.

One of our most adaptable treatments. Led therapy allows us to select the most optimal setting to accompany your facial or peel for maximum results.

Remove dead skin cells and decongest blocked pores to allow deeper hydration and absorption of products that contribute to healthier and clearer skin.

The wide ranging benefits of microdermabrasion, make it the perfect addition to most facials including: anti-ageing, pigmentation and blemish control treatments.

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Skincare Treatment PRicing

Hydradermie from £65
Hydra peeling from £60
Detoxygene from £60
Pomegranate power from £60
Eye lift from £55
Glycolic peel from £65
Hydradermie Lift from £70
Lift Summum from £75
Resurgence from £75
Blemish Enzyme from £65
AHA peel from £65
TCA peel from £75
Vitamin C infusion from £65
Hydra peel from £60
Lactic peel from £90
Salicylic peel from £85
Age summum from £80
Dual-phase peel from £85
Redness therapy from £60
Hydradermie peel from £60
Seaweed infusion from £80
LED light therapy from £65
Microdermabrasion face (diamond tip) from £60
Seaweed infusion from £80
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Please note: treatments are categorised according to their main purpose and use but may qualify for treating multiple concerns and conditions.

Speak to one of our certified skin specialists to learn more about our treatments.

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