Terms & Conditions

Please be aware that we strictly abide by the latest guidance so all patients must be over 18 and not be pregnant or breastfeeding. A complete medical history will be taken before any treatment is performed and all patients should have informed written consent prior to being treated.

Cancellations / Refunds

If you decide to cancel an appointment that you have booked in, the £50 deposit is non-refundable.

We are able to reschedule appointments provided we are given at least 7 days notice before the treatment date. Please contact bookings@faceaestheticsuk-staging.ggzyjxw4-liquidwebsites.com to rearrange your appointment. All new appointments will be subject to availability.

If a patient fails to attend their allocated appointment or wishes to cancel a booking, payment is retained by the company and no refunds will be issued.

Late Arrival to Appointments

Patients who attend over 20 minutes late may not be seen as they disrupt the running for the day which impacts on other patient’s treatment slots.

Consultation Appointments

All our appointments are consult and treat on the day. A consultation only appointment is charged at £50 (the booking deposit you pay) and is not transferable to a treatment at a later date.

Price Structuring & Packages

Whilst there are many bespoke packages, individual quotes may vary due to quantities used. Different facial appearances may require more or fewer treatment syringes or the treatment itself may be different from what is listed following consultation and facial assessment. This will be discussed with you by your practitioner on the day of treatment. You can see a full price list on the website.

Patients Complaints / Reviews

1. In the event of a possible adverse reaction to a product following treatment please contact us asap – one of our lead practioners will then contact you as a matter of urgency.

2. If you have a query regarding asymmetry then please contact us with photographs. If a review/correction is required, an appointment will be booked for you. At this appointment, we will review your before and after photos, your treatment record, and the outcome of your treatment to decide what action is required.

3. If required, we endeavour to offer all review appointments within 14 days of your request. Please note that once confirmed, we do not offer patients the opportunity to reschedule review appointments.

4. If you do not attend your review appointment, further review appointments will not be offered. Exceptions may be made in extenuating circumstances. In these circumstances, if a patient fails to attend 2 reviews, a further £50 consultation fee payment will be needed to secure a further review appointment.

5. All review appointments for anti-wrinkle treatments must be requested between 14 and 21 days following the initial treatment. The review appointment will be booked in for no later than 28 days after the initial treatment. Any requests falling outside this time frame would be treated as new treatments and would need to be booked and paid for in the normal way.

6. If a correction is necessary then this will be offered. If the outcome of the treatment is satisfactory and is a case of more product required for the individual patient then a charge will be made for the additional product.